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Information for Contributors

Papers submitted should not have been published elsewhere and should not be currently under consideration by another journal/magazine. Interested authors are advised to follow the author guidelines of Indian Journal of Entomology ( for reference citations and to follow as closely as possible the layout and style, capitalization and labeling of figures. All papers are subject to peer review and may be returned to the author for modification as a result of reviewers’ reports. Manuscripts are acknowledged on receipt and if acceptable proofs are sent without further communication. Minor editorial alterations may be made without consulting the author. Make sure to submit the photographs of high quality in .jpeg format. 

Email id for submission of MS: 

We don't publish pesticide evaluation data.

Feature articles

These articles must be of broad interest to biologists, amateur and professional entomologists. These articles should be no longer than approximately 3,000 words. Articles should be submitted with high quality photographs.


Two types of reviews will be published a. invited review (Editorial team will contact eminent entomologists to contribute) and b. peer reviewed review articles (any authors can submit a comprehensive reviews which addresses modern entomological developments).

Natural histories & general articles

Articles focus on the insect life cycle, occurrence etc. and have the same requirements as feature articles. Submissions should be up to 3,000 words in length. For general articles, it should be any entomological aspect of general nature and must elicit interest in readers. 

Field notes & pest alerts

We are interested in publishing articles on unusual observations entomologists have encountered during fieldwork (Invasive insects, outbreaks, behaviour etc.). Submissions should be no more than 2,000 words in length.

Bug studio

Every issue will have IE photo contest Please check  

We have a separate section for field photos showing fascinating insects or insect behavior etc. Images should be submitted as high-quality (300 dpi TIFF, jpeg files) files with a detailed photo caption.

Student corner

We encourage students who are working on interesting topics of entomology to share their views and opinions about their research work.  Students can submit their work with their personal photograph; it should not be more than 1,000 words in length.

Other contributions

We encourage essay, poems, cartoons, infographics, digital posters related to entomology.


The unique feature of this magazine is the online BLOG Section, this section covers recent findings from different labs and encourages entomologists to write popular science articles. Authors can email the blogs to the managing editor, if the blog is scientific and well written for the general public it will be accepted for publication. 

We are intended to publish following categories of articles/columns:

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