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About us

Indian Entomologist is a biannual online magazine published by the Entomological Society of India (ESI). Our magazine publishes articles and information on general, scientific, and popular interests. We publish commentary, columns, feature articles, reviews, and obituaries, and also we have a special section for students to encourage upcoming entomologists to publish their opinions, new findings of their research, photographs, cartoons, etc. We accept articles on all aspects of insects and arthropods from India and worldwide.

Our primary aim is to provide a common platform for scientists, researchers, amateurs, students, and the public interested in science and Entomology. We provide a broad view of topics that appeal to entomologists, other researchers interested in insect science, and insect enthusiasts of all stripes.

The unique feature of this magazine is the online BLOG Section, this section covers recent findings from different labs and encourages entomologists to write popular science articles. Authors can email the blogs to the managing editor, if the blog is scientific and well written for the general public it will be accepted for publication.   

We believe in OPEN SCIENCE and all the articles are free to read and can be reproduced with due credit to authors (Attribution- CC BY).


The magazine is completely FREE, no charges of any kind are levied on authors. 

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